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CIRTL Network Colleagues…

In preparation for the CIRTL Network Conference in Madison Wisconsin, the CIRTL MOOC Team would like you to watch the following videos before the meeting. These videos are part of the CIRTL MOOC on An Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching. In total, this will take you less than 30 minutes. At the tables Thursday, we will develop plans in how to use these in creating learning communities at your institution.

If you are interested in seeing the diversity of content associated with this MOOC, or our other MOOC, Advancing Learning Through Evidence-Based STEM Teaching (which starts 01 June 2016, the first 6 weeks of content is on our website) please visit:


Course 1 Introduction

Video: About Course 1: An Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching (9:08) Dr. Derek Bruff from Vanderbilt University and Dr. Trina McMahon from the University of Wisconsin-Madison introduce the concepts and content that will be covered in the course. They discuss how the MOOC can be used to engage learning communities.


An Example of Inquiry-Based Labs

Video M1: 5.2.4 — Example of Inquiry-Based Lab in Introductory Astronomy (9:04) Dr. Cynthia Brame presents an example of Inquiry-based labs in an introductory astronomy class at Vanderbilt University taught by Dr. Erika Grundstrom.


An Introduction to Inquiry-Based Labs

Video M1: 5.2.5 — Introduction to Inquiry-based Labs (4:08) Dr. Cynthia Brame from Vanderbilt University introduces the concept of inquiry-based labs.

Benefits and Limitations of Inquiry-Based Labs

Video M2: 5.3.3 — Benefits and Limitations (6:57) Dr. Cynthia Brame outlines the benefits and limitations of implementing inquiry-based labs from the student and instructor perspective.

In Madison, you will break out into learning communities and engage in a activity associated with these videos and inquiry based labs, just as it might occur in an MCLC on your campus. Following that, we will explore how to use groups like the MCLCs to more broadly create learning communities at your institution, so come with ideas!
See you all in Madison!


Rique Campa, Derek Bruff, Bennett Goldberg, Trina McMahon, Kitch Barnicle, Noah Green, Lauren Campbell, Robin Greenler, 
Bob Mathieu


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