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Here you will find links to instructional videos from each module of the course as well as other course content.  Please feel free to review this content and implement it in any local workshops or local teaching seminars. This content is specifically designed to help graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty learn how to conduct effective teaching as research projects as well as  leverage evidence-based strategies in their instruction of undergraduates.


Week 1 – Teaching as Research, Part 1

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We start by exploring Teaching as Research, an approach to evidence-based teaching in which instructors collect, analyze, and act upon evidence of learning as they design and facilitate learning experiences for their students.




Week 2 – Learning Through Diversity

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As we consider how learning works in our classrooms, we can’t assume all our students think and learn alike.  This week, we discuss strategies for teaching inclusively and for leveraging the diversity of perspectives among one’s students as a strength in the classroom.




Week 3 – Active Learning, Part 1

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The evidence is persuasive: active learning instruction fosters more and deeper student learning than traditional lecturing.  How can we create active learning environments in our classrooms?  This week, we explore two approaches: cooperative learning and peer instruction.




Week 4 – Active Learning, Part 2

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This week we continue our discussion of active learning instruction with modules on inquiry-based labs (lab structures and assignments that teach students to think like scientists and engineers) and problem-based learning (focusing student learning through concrete and challenging problems).




Week 5 – The Flipped Classroom

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How can we make time during class for active learning instruction?  That is the question that motivates the idea of the flipped classroom.  This week, we’ll explore the flipped classroom as a way to make more intentional and effective use of class time—and engage our students in deeper learning.




Week 6 – Teaching as Research, Part 2

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This week you will learn how to design and implement a Teaching as Research project you might conduct in the future, one that incorporates principles and practices covered this course.

Week 7 – Design a TAR Project and Course Conclusion

This week you will design a Teaching as Research project you might conduct in the future, one that incorporates principles and practices covered this course. During the final week of the course, you’ll provide feedback to your peers on their Teaching as Research project designs and, in turn, receive feedback on your project design.


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